Alan Wake's American Nightmare

A thrilling new storyline, hordes of creepy enemies, serious firepower and beautiful Arizona locations, combined with a fun and challenging new game mode!
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영어*, 독일어, 프랑스어, 이탈리아어, 스페인어 - 스페인, 일본어, 체코어, 헝가리어, 폴란드어, 러시아어
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Remedy Entertainment
Remedy Entertainment
출시 날짜:
2012년 5월 22일

Alan Wake's American Nightmare


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Escape the Taken to the motel. Rewrite reality for the first time. Make sure Dr. Meadows can take another look at the skies. Rewrite reality for the last time. Survive until dawn in any Arcade Mode level. Get a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level. Unlock all of the Nightmare Arcade Mode levels. Survive an Arcade level using nothing but the flashlight and handheld flares. Get 70,000 points in any Nightmare Arcade level. Take out two Splitter spawns with a single shot. + 12개

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