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게임 번호 401330
이름 Akuatica
소개 Akuatica integrated puzzles into action adventure. Below are some highlighted features;Fast paced action encounters that require problem solving. With obvious clues.Multiple environments. From shallow river, coral reefs, open sea to the abyssal depth.Epic bosses and dozens of unique enemies.Meticulously sculpted visual style.
출시 날짜 2015년 11월 27일
개발사 Tianyu Studio
배급사 Tianyu Studio
지원 플랫폼
트레이딩 카드
도전과제 Into the unknown. Two birds with one stun. Catch me if you can. Horror of the deep. New challenger. I eat babies Naga. Volcanica. I'm a Torero. Leviathan. + 11개 (모두보기)
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