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게임 번호 587100
소개 Experience the first “modern-era” Ys game, now off the small screen for its worldwide PC debut! Features a full party system, dozens of unique combat skills, and a massive overworld to explore. Uncover the secret of the Five Great Dragons, and help Adol Christin save the day once again!
출시 날짜 2017년 8월 30일
개발사 Nihon Falcom
배급사 XSEED Games
Marvelous USA, Inc.
지원 플랫폼
트레이딩 카드
도전과제 Bestiorator Pikkard-Upper No Tias Shed Breathless and Aghast Walking Disaster Stealer of Weapons' Souls Stroker of Weapons' Souls Big Spender Liquefier of Ghosts Sinking of the Titanos + 21개 (모두보기)
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